I do not provide emergency services.  The link, below, provides emergency phone numbers for many of the crisis centers throughout SouthCentral Alaska.

Below is a copy of an informed consent document, which will become our contract for the time during which we will work together.   There is a separate form for individual clients and couple clients.

Welcome!  Thank you for the opportunity to work together!  Please find, below, a link to access a form to fill out before we can work together.  There are separate forms for individual clients and couple's clients.   If you are unable to print and fill out the forms ahead of time, I do have extra copies in the office.  Please just be aware that filling out these documents ahead of time can save us some time during the initial intake session.  However, I am sure to set aside enough time during our first session to answer all your questions. 

If you would like to bill insurance, please bring your insurance information to the first session.  I submit paperwork for insurance reimbursement for your convenience.

My office is located at 2605 Denali Street, in Suite 203.  It is a grey two-story building across Denali from the Denali Towers.  The sign reads “Therapy Offices” and there is a front and back parking lot.  Please park in the front lot, as the doors to the back door are always locked.  As you enter the building, come up the stairs.  My office is at the top of the stairs to your right.  I don’t have a receptionist, so please help yourself to coffee, tea or water and have a seat.  I will come introduce myself when it is time for our session.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to work together.  I look forward to meeting you.

Before we can get started working together, there are some forms that I am legally obliged to provide you with.  These forms are a HIPAA, or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act document, a Confidentiality of Communication document, and a Professional Disclosure document.  These forms can be accessed by clicking on the link, below.  Please take some time prior to our first session to go over these forms, and you are free to print them off for your files, or not.  I will ask you, during the intake session, to agree that you have had ample time to read each of these documents, and I will provide plenty of time to answer any questions you may have.